PIWeH is a Platform for Intelligent e-Commerce Support dedicated to e-shops from the 10 most popular industries operating on the Internet. The main goal of the site is to provide internet shop owners with clear and reliable knowledge to make good business decisions.

PIWeH is a detailed analysis of the structure and content of the online store. All stages of the study run automatically, so that the final test report will be generated within 24 hours of commissioning.


The Platform for Intelligent e-Commerce Support is an excellent solution that combines knowledge acquired from expert statistics contained in a separate knowledge base. Collected and acumulated data illustrate an appropriate analysis model specific to the e-shop industry.

PIWeH is the perfect analytical platform that provides important information about your shop.

The platform will show you information about users and about your marketing campaigns. The knowledge provided through research will certainly help you decide on a variety of strategies that will have an impact on increasing your e-shop's effectiveness.