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How it's working?

The PIWeH test order is simple and fun, 100% automated.

What does this mean for the user? This means that the customer decides what type of study to perform.

During the process of commissioning the test and determining its parameters, the system automatically evaluates the final test costs according to the defined parameters. The following describes the whole process as the study progresses. Starting from the moment of ordering until receiving the finished report.

PIWeH makes it possible to measure and evaluate, as well as in-depth comparative analysis of particular e-commerce parameters. The basic functionality of the platform is to explore the website through a script, indexing the home page along with all subpages and thus reproducing the real structure of the site.

The platform analyzes data for both the entire domain and each subpage.

What should I do? Just enter your domain address. Then complete the poll on the page.

How it's working?

PIWeH will start analyzing your ecommerce. Upon completion of the study, you will receive an email informing you about the possibility of receiving the results.

The test report is generated automatically within 24 hours after the test. The report includes the assessment of the aforementioned factors, combined with the average results obtained for the factors. The finished report can be viewed in HTML format or downloaded in PDF format.


How it's working?

The customer who commissioned the study defines its parameters

Among the parameters of the study we distinguish:

  • Description of the study, intended for its participants,
  • The date of the test - the option to "now" or plan for a future study, including the duration of the test (eg week).


How it's working?

Determining the scope of the test directly depends on the prior selection of the test type.

  • For automated testing:

Indication of one or all of the available test categories.

  • For testing with users:

Defining general test parameters for user tests is to create a list of tasks to be addressed by users - testers.

  • For expert audit:

The test parameters for the expert audit are the description of the scope of the test and the individual requirements addressed to the expert team responsible for the proper conduct of all stages of the test.

How it's working?

In each step preceding the confirmation stage of SABIZ acceptance of a particular test order, the customer is kept informed about the exact cost of the selected test. Costs are calculated based on the scope of the study indicated by the Client.
At the time of confirming the research order, the customer receives a summary of the valuation and selected parameters.

How it's working?

Starting of the test ist the next step after defining the parameters. Depending on the customer's findings, tests may start in "now" or in another deadline.
If the test involve a user survey then test sample is selecting and e-mail notification containing the test report with the testimony is sent to the testers. For expert audits, the spreading is the same as for user research.
In the case of automated tests, however, this stage does not occur.

How it's working?

Depending on the type of study conducted, the time taken to collect the data is different.

  • For automated tests, the collection of results lasts one day,
  • For user tests and expert audits, the collection of results lasts from several days to the time limit set by the customer when defining the overall test parameters.

Once the research process has been completed, the client will be informed of the availability of the test results via a separate message sent to his or her mailbox.

How it's working?

The final step in each of the SABIZ's research is to generate a final report. It is available in the Customer account panel.
The report - regardless of the type of research conducted - presents the following information:

  1. Summary of content implementation - information on the duration of the study, highlighting the shortest and longest time, obtained by users, percentage of questions correctly resolved and omitted, ect.
  2. Summary of individual tasks:
  • Analysis of the results obtained - information about the number of users who correctly solved the task, how many decided to skip it,
  • Medium, shortest and longest time needed to complete a task,
  • Average, minimum and maximum number of page views,
  • The most common erroneous results,
  • The most common pages from which the task was omitted,
  • The detailed course of the task in terms of its implementation by individual investigators,
  1. An overview of the results for each individual, detailing each of the tasks.
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Other activities are already on the Platform side

PIWeH will begin analyzing your ecommerce. Upon completion of the survey, you will receive an email informing you of the possibility of receiving the results.


The research report is generated automatically within 24 hours after the test. The report includes the assessment of the aforementioned factors, combined with the average performance for the factors. & Nbsp; You can view the finished report in HTML or download it in PDF format.