Benefits of using PIWeM

The Platform for Intelligent e-Commerce Support it just only benefits! PIWeH show you which e-comerce elements have the most important influence for business utility your company. The PIWeH also describe what is good and what should be changed in your e-store.
Relevant is that the Platform is equipped with a lot of indicators e-commerce evaluation, which take into account many data (It is impossible in currently available systems) and corelations between them.


The Platform for Intelligent e-Commerce Support will provide information which allow to:


  • An indication of the elements that contribute to the suspension of the store's profits (the discovery of a lever) at a given moment in the store's business activities in a specific business and market situation. It is important that another shop in the same industry will have completely different indicators because it will be in another place of development.
  • Suspending investments in elements that are ineffective and do not lead to maximization of store profits.
  • Verification of the scope of activity of the shop, delivered products and penetration of the market.
  • Making good decisions about the functioning and development of e-commerce.
  • Identification of weak elements in the technical operation of the shop and thus:
  1. improve web usability,
  2. improve the information architecture of the site,
  3. improving accessibility of the portal,
  4. improve the efficiency and quality of texts on the website.
  • Effective management of e-commerce site marketing and customer relations, including:
  1. improving the visibility of the portal in the Internet media optimized for the business,
  2. choosing the optimum channels and promotion methods,
  3. choosing the optimal means for customer equity,
  4. choosing the optimum means to suspend site loyalty and customer loyalty,
  5. choosing the optimal means to suspend the customer lifetime value.
  • Make a good decisions about the prices of your store.
  • Discover the specific relationships between the many factors involved in running an online store in a particular industry, and thus the ability to control them.
  • Increasing the business potential of the portal.